Bulk Liquid Transportation

Move your bulk liquids safely and efficiently. Whether you move bulk liquids in flexitanks, ISO tanks, IBCs or drums, we’ll help you to plan their safe and fast arrival. Tell us your requirements and we’ll provide an end-to-end bulk transport solution including customs and recycling, to suit your needs and budget.

Iso and Flexi Tanks are the alternative method of moving chemicals in bulk as opposed to using parcel tankers. Whilst tanks do not present you with the same economy of scale as to what tanker vessel’s do, they do provide the ability of being fully intermodal whilst at the same time protecting clients from the exorbitant costs associated with tanker vessels in the form of detention rates caused by delays, etc.

Their intermodalism allows clients to have full flexibility in terms of transporting them inland / over the boarder via truck or train or positioning them to another country via the ocean. Currently, we import almost 150 tanks a month and we export the same amount. We have recently gone into leasing out tanks for static storage and mining projects in Egypt and Africa. These tanks are often used to replace road tankers due to the flexible package in which they offer. 


Flexi Tanks


Our flexitanks can be used to store liquids in or out of a container.  It’s a flexible, temporary or permanent bulk liquid container storage solution. Keeping product stored safely on-site or off-site until it’s discharged.

For years, we’ve helped companies solve their logistical problems using our cutting edge flexitanks and container liners. Our Flexitanks are used by 23 customers who trust our liquid transportation solutions and their reliability and durability.

ISO Tank Container

An ISO Tank is a tank container which is built according to the ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization), so it is suitable for intermodal transport. ISO tanks are designed to transport and store liquids, both hazardous and non-hazardous. A tank container is one of the safest ways to transport fluids. An ISO tank has a stainless-steel barrel and is surrounded by various types of protective layers. Different coatings can be used depending on the type of liquids the tank has to contain.

Our Bulk Liquid professional team are 24/7 helping importers, exporters and operators to find the best win-win business deal for all the stakeholders.

Orient Transport is a specialist in logistics services for the transport and storage of liquid chemical products. With our global network of agents and operators who employ highly trained staff, we ensure more than 2000 different IMO and non-IMO chemical products safely reach their intended destinations every year.

What Does OTS Do?

  • OTS offers One-way or dedicated round trip transport of ISO Tank Containers for IMO and Non-IMO products
    • Standard T11 chemical tanks
    • Specials tanks leasing including lined tanks, temperature control, gas tanks, and food grade tanks
  • OTS offers tank hire, pier to pier and door to door transport for your liquid cargo
  • OTS provides Fleet Management and leasing services
  • OTS stores, cleans, tests, and repairs ISO tank containers
  • OTS provides heating up services
  • OTS offers long and short-term rental and leasing of ISO tanks
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